Natural Nail, file + buff + cuticle care + gel polish.

Gel Overlay

The Gel Overlay is more durable than Acrylics. They will not discolour over time, and have a more realistic appearance, adding strength to the natural nail.
$68 – $75

Gel Nail Extensions

Gel Nail Extensions are great for those who wish to add length to their nails. Clear tips are adhered to the free edge of the natural nail and a Gel layer is applied for strength and durability.
$85 – $95

Gel Nail Fill In

Every 2 to 3 weeks as your nails grow out you will need maintenance. This service is like a manicure for your gel nails. Please note that the duration and cost of your service will vary depending on repairs, shortening and/or reshaping.
$68 – $85

Add Ons

Add Ons are important to keep in mind when booking as it will affect pricing and the duration of your appointment. E.g. Nail repairs, cuticle care, nail art/bling, product removal. Theses additions will vary in price and will be added to your bill.
$ Variable




Full Set Classic Lashes

The most natural looking technique of them all. Enhance your eyes, boost your confidence, and wake up looking fresh and flawless. There is no need for mascara with these Baddies!

Half Set Classic Lashes

A great introduction to Eyelash extensions. Think of a full set but lighter application.

Bottom Lashes

For lash extension wearers, adding bottom lashes will take you from fabulous to hot as fire! This service is also great for those working with their natural top lashes.

Lash Fill

Regular fills should be booked every 2 weeks to maintain the desired look of your lashes. As your lashes go through their life cycle you will notice that over time your extensions will have shed out. The purpose of your fill is to replenish those lashes that have shed and to add a more for fullness.
This service is 45 minutes to 1hr.

Lash Fill Plus

A Fill Plus is recommended for those who like to stretch it out between fills, or just want that extra lush look. This service is 1hr to 1 and 1/2hrs.

Lash Fill Deluxe

The Deluxe Fill is recommended for those who have gone up to 4 weeks + since their last fill in. By this time most of the lashes will have shed out. Please keep in mind that there may be a slight chance that once the lashes are prepped and the over grown lashes are removed, you may have to
start over with a Half Set, or a Full Set.

Eyelash Extensions Removal

The Extension Removal and Removal is for work that has not been done by Teka.

Existing Client Lash Removal

There is no charge for the removal of lashes for the purpose of taking a break from the extensions. For lashes that require removal for reapplication due to dirty or neglected lashes, or for the purpose of starting over, there will be a charge of $25. This charge will be added to your bill if this is the case.




Lip Treatment

Exfoliate your lips with a soft sugar scrub, and hydrate with a collagen lip patch during your Lash appointment. Recommended for dry and/or chapped lips.

Eye Treatment

Relax your tired eyes while you lay for your lash appointment with a Collagen Gold Eye Mask which instantly moisturizes, and regenerates your eye area.

Please Note that there is no extra time that will be added to your service while the treatments are working their magic.




Please contact Teka if you have any questions regarding the listed services, or if you need assistance with booking.